Is austin no longer the best place to live?

The city of Austin has fallen to No. The drop in the ranking follows last year's list, where Austin ranked No. Cities with the highest homicide rates, or number of homicides per capita. Cities that topped the list of the highest homicide rates included Memphis; New Orleans; Richmond, Virginia; Washington, D.C.Pedro Morales, an Austin resident and business owner who spoke to FOX 7 earlier this month, said homelessness in the city could force him to leave in the future.

Austin's ranking on the list of the best places to live in the United States has fallen for the third consecutive year. This year, the city has seen a 25% drop in overall crime, compared to the same time last year, FOX 7 Austin reported. Pedro Morales, an Austin resident since the 1990s and a business owner, said he plans to move out of the city soon. Austin scored low on the USN education index, or college readiness, but high on the labor market index and crime rate.

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