Top Adventure Trips That You Can Take

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Dive at the most exquisite and stunning dive sites to an incredible marine life, swim on the warm shores of pristine beaches, feed the crocodiles, trek high up in the midst of the stunning Himalayas, bike through the rough mountain roads, skydive to a wonderful aerial view or indulge in thrilling water sports to satisfy your thirst for adventure, with a grand adrenaline filled adventure holiday.

For the adventure lovers, India, with its stunning Himalayan ranges, abundant rivers, beautiful coastlines, verdant forests and incredible wildlife, provides with beautiful adventure destinations like no other, right in the lap of nature! Here are some of the most thrilling adventurous holidays you can take, to satisfy your adventure streak.

Diving in Andaman’s

You will have no dearth of options, for the variety of adventure sports these stunning Indian Ocean islands offer is immeasurable. The stunning archipelago attracts adventure junkies from across the world to its pristine beaches, untouched nature and exciting adventure sports.

You can snorkel at one of the beautiful beaches there and marvel at the exquisite marine life. Experience the thrill of scuba diving at an active underwater volcano site at the stunning Barren Islands. The beauty of the volcano surrounded by the stunning coral reefs is stuff that dreams are made of. Beach walk through the beautiful coral reefs and experience the beautiful marine life from close quarters. Enjoy thrilling water sports like water ski, boat rides, seaplane rides, glass bottom boat rides, parasailing and many more.

Another star attraction of these charming islands is swimming with the elephants at the Havelock Beach. This is a once in a lifetime experience that you can never get over with. Apart from a host of adventure activities, Andaman’s offers a plethora of sightseeing places. So get on your adventure boots, and hop on to the next flight to Andaman’s for a great taste of pure adventure. And as you set off for the big adventure holiday in Andaman’s, you have to remember that the adventure activities do not come cheap. Activities like scuba diving, seaplane rides or water sports are charged at a premium. Even the airfare comes for a price due to the distance of the islands from the mainland. But do not let money bog you down. If you are wary to use up a chunk of your savings at one shot, for this exciting holiday, then travel loan is the answer to your problem.

A travel loan is a personal loan for your travel needs. Before you avail for a travel loan, do not forget to check the travel personal loan interest rates to get a clear picture of how much your travel loan is going to cost you.

Travel loan from NBFC’s like Tata Capital help you in many unseen ways. With the travel loan, you do not have to dig into your savings to provide the funds for your dream adventure holiday. The travel loan allows you to pay for your holiday. You can then repay the travel loan later in easy monthly installments, without affecting your financial schedule. Since you do not have to spend a big chunk of money at one time, it is easier on your pockets. The interest rates of the travel loans are also known to be competitive, making your travel loan easily affordable for you.

Travel loans can be customized according to your destination of travel. Local destinations have a lesser loan amount and it varies with a change in destination. International destinations have a bigger travel loan slab. With an easy application process and simple loan procedures, you can get your travel loan in as little as 72 hours. Do not let the money woes come in your way when you head for your dream adventure holiday in the magnificent Andaman’s.

Skydiving in Mysore

An unlikely destination for the true blue adventure lovers, Mysore has recently gained popularity in the list of adventure destinations due to the thrilling experience of skydiving that it offers. Skydiving is gaining immense popularity in India off late. Go tandem jumping or free fall at a great speed, enjoy the thrill of a stunning aerial view and experience the pure adrenaline rush of jumping from a sky plane, to satisfy your adventure wanderlust. If you are new to this thrilling adventure sport then you will have an experienced skydiving professional harnessed with you, to ensure your safety and security, while you marvel at the breathtaking view.

If you plan to take skydiving in Mysore, you can use your travel loan to insure yourself and the trip. While we hope that nothing goes wrong, some things are not under our control.

Water sports in Goa

Think of water sports and the first destination that comes to your mind is Goa. Apart from pristine beaches, stunning sunsets and excellent food, Goa offers a great variety of exciting water sports for the beach adventure lovers. Think of parasailing, banana boat rides, water ski, jet ski, surfing, scuba diving or snorkeling, and you find it in Goa. Goa has become a hotbed of water adventure sports in India. The latest addition to the list is exciting Fly boarding. Fly boarding is gaining popularity in India amongst the adventure lovers for the sheer thrill and excitement it offers. Perform interesting activities like underwater flying, precision flying, diving, spinning, twisting or dolphin swimming with your flyboard, to get your taste of adventure.

Animal safaris in Bandhavgarh – Pench

The jungles of Madhya Pradesh are teeming with a stunning variety of wildlife. From the majestic tigers to the exotic birds, from gigantic ghariyals to the fleet-footed chitals, from the mighty sambhars to the beautiful spotted deer, Madhya Pradesh has it all. You can experience bountiful nature at every nook. With the largest density of national parks to boast of, the wildlife parks here are a haven for the thrill-seeking wildlife adventure lovers. With the untamed and immensely beautiful Bandhavgarh, Pench, Panha and Kanha National Parks, Madhya Pradesh offers a great variety of wildlife adventure options. Exciting Jeep safaris, jungle treks and forest trails, camping in the jungle, night jungle safaris and other thrilling forest adventures await you there.

Most of these wildlife reserves are within the interior of the state and travelling to the destination will cost your money. When you avail a travel loan for an adventure holiday, makes sure your account all the travel expenses including reaching the main station, your local travel as well as the cost of the safaris.

A travel loan for an adventure holiday is definitely money well spent. After all, you only live once!

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