Items Every Parent Should Take on Trips with Their Children

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Traveling with children is a much different experience than traveling alone or with adults. There’s a lot more chaos that can occur throughout the course of the trip, which is why it’s up to parents to save their kids from themselves. This means coming up with ways to ease their irritations before they arise, so the parents don’t become irritated. Whether you’re driving in a car on a road trip or flying in an airplane for a couple of hours, you can use the following tips to help keep your kids satisfied until you return home.

Lots of Snacks and Water

You can guarantee your child will complain of hunger once or twice during your travels to your destination. You can counter this by having snacks on hand that you can give them on a whim. It’s a good idea to go with non-sugary snacks, so opt for something healthy, but tasty, and that you know they will eat. Also, water is a must to keep them hydrated. Giving them juices the whole trip won’t quench their thirst, so you’ll run through a carton of them in no time. This will only cause them to go to the bathroom repeatedly, which can be annoying on road trops. Plus the sugar inside of them will cause them to become hyper and agitated because they can’t move.


Activity Books and Games

There are a variety of activity books and games you can bring along to keep your child entertained through the duration of the trip. Activity books are pretty thick these days, which can potentially keep them busy for hours. If you’re children like word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, trivia and jokes, then you can keep them entertained with these type of books. Coloring books are also handy. As for games, handheld video games, such as the PS Vita and Nintendo DS are exceptional for hours of fun.

Pillows and Blanket

If the airplane or car is cold, you can expect your children to complain about it. Make sure you have a blanket on hand that you can give them, along with a pillow they can lay on when they get tired. If they have a favorite pillow pet and blanket they like to sleep with, bring this along, if it’s not too large.

Videos to Watch

If you have a tablet or laptop, you can use this to watch shows and movies on. Netflix allows you to download movies to your device, so that you can watch them on the go. You can also find other services that do the same. If not, you can use the Wi-Fi on the airplane to watch Hulu or Amazon. Tablets can have data plans added to them, so they can access the internet wherever you are.

Enough Clothes

Make sure you have backup clothes in case someone has an accident. This should be placed in your smaller bag that you can carry on board with you. Also, make sure you have extra clothes for yourself. You can find outfits from Rue21 that are suitable for trips to just about anywhere.


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